Providing Hosted, Managed Solutions
Meant for Business.

At Neowyze, we provide professionally managed, hosted applications, private virtual servers and professional installation services of open-source solutions.  Continue scrolling to see all our services and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Just Some of our Solutions...

SMTP Relay Service

COMING SOON: We provide SMTP Relay services that are secure, reliable email relay servers.  Use to send outbound emails from your private email servers, accounting applications, monitoring system alerts, scan to email, fax to email and any other applications that need an outbound email server you can depend on.

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NetBox Hosting

NetBox is the premier application for enterprises, service providers and data centers to document and track everything from IP addresses, devices, configs, inventory and more.  Our managed NetBox services are hosted in our private secure cloud where you’ll have a dedicated server that is backed up daily

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COMING SOON: provides managed, hosted DNS services. We specialize in PowerDNS and use PowerDNS-Admin to allow you to host your domains with features such as Dynamic DNS, DNSSEC and more. Host on your own virtual private DNS servers or use our secure, shared DNS servers.

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LibreNMS Cloud Hosting

COMING SOON: LibreNMS is a powerful network monitoring and management platform that uses SNMP to discover and monitor your network equipment. We provide, manage and maintain dedicated virtual servers with static IPs to host your LibreNMS instance.  We can even monitor your LAN infrastructure using our WireGuard VPN Solution!

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WikiSnips is a free technical resource containing information our own engineers use for installing, managing and maintaining the servers and applications used by our services. Want to learn more about the technologies we use such as Ubuntu, Nginx, Apache, MariaDB, Postfix, Dovecot, PowerDNS, VMWare, PHP coding and more? This site is always a work in progress as our engineers are updating documentation regularly.

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Just a few reasons to work with us...

Private, Secure Hosting

Our managed virtual private servers are configured, firewalled,
monitored, updated and backed up daily. We use GeoIP blocking, multiple
blocklists and are protected with DDoS mitigation up to 20Gb/s.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our team has extensive experience in the Managed Service Provider,
Telecom and Data Center industries. Whether the problem is big or small,
our team has the knowledge and resources to keep you running.

Made in the USA

Our systems are located in a Tier-1 data center, centralized in the United States with low-latency connectivity to both coasts. By default, our firewalls filter out traffic from Russia, Asia, Africa and South America (exceptions can be made)