Our Services

We offer both hosted and on-premises professional services:

Hosted Managed Servers

We install, configure, manage and keep your dedicated virtual private servers with the following applications:

  • NetBox Data Center Infrastructure Management Application.  At NetBox.Host we customize and manage your NetBox server and include many options for plugins. We are launching NetBox.Host very, very soon!
  • PowerDNS with PowerDNS Web Management Interface.  Servers can be used for authoriatave or recursive lookups with MariaDB Clusted SQL database backend.  We can also configure DNS over HTTPS and DNS over TLS for secure, private DNS services. More coming soon at AtMyIP.com!
  • LibreNMS network management system for infrastructure monitoring, alerting and graphing via SNMP.  Being hosted in the cloud, we use WireGuard VPN to connect into your private LAN infrastructure. More coming soon at LibreNMS.Cloud!
  • Email Servers with Postfix SMTP and Dovecot IMAP/POP3 systems.  We use Postfix-Admin web interface for easy management of mailboxes, domains, aliases and more.  We use a MySQL/MariaDB backend for virtual mailbox storage and cluster the systems for redundancy.  We use many of these same systems, customized for our SMTP Relay Service over at Smarthost.MX.
  • Hosted 3CX VoIP PBX and Onsite 3CX SBCs with Yealink and Polycom phones.