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About Neowyze Technologies

Our Experience and Business Focus:

Our systems engineers have years of experience supporting businesses of all types.  Our founder Mr. Anderson has over 25 years experience with Windows Servers, Debian/Ubuntu Linux, VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix, Cisco, Juniper, Adtran, Dell, HP, MS SQL, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Metaswitch, Netsapiens HPBX, DNS & Email Servers and experience on countless other systems and applications.  Before starting Neowyze Technologies, he was Senior Engineer and Technical Director for a Managed Service Provider.  Following that, he was Senior Network Engineer and Director of IT in charge of a CLEC providing VoIP Services, Internet Services and a Colocation Facility.  

Our focus over the last several years has been on Open-Source servers and applications.  We have extensive experience with servers running Postfix/Dovecot, PowerDNS, MariaDB/MySQL, Apache and NGINX.  Some of the open-source applications we focus on are NetBox, LibreNMS, PowerDNS, Postfix which are all part of the managed and professional services we provide.

Neowyze Technologies was founded to help businesses that don't have the staff, resources or experience to be able to take advantage of the powerful open-source applications available to them.  We provide the infrastructure to host, install, configure and support these applications so our customers can focus on their business and not their IT department.  For customers that have the resources, but not the experience, we provide professional services to install and configure these applications on their own infrastructure. 

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